About Us

Lawrence Surges has been a professional musician for over 40 years. He now primarily plays keyboard, but was previously the senior non-commissioned member and Assistant Director of Music of Canadian Forces bands in Esquimalt BC and Ottawa ON, overseeing a portfolio of administrative, human resources, informational, and operational functions, and interacting with a wide range of military, governmental and civilian clients.

Still a skilled sight-reading accompanist and trained, certified teacher, Lawrence welcomes opportunities to accompany developing vocalists or instrumentalists in collaboration with their teachers. A quarter of his military career was spent as an instructor, teaching clarinet, harmony, musical history, and a range of other subjects.

Lawrence’s musical training began as a junior chorister. He spent years as a church musician, and can support religious services or other ceremonies on piano or organ. His stage piano setup includes a PA system, and for musical theatre or other needs, Lawrence can effect make quick program changes via a Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI).